Clancy Philbrick_And Other Mistakes_installation.jpg
 This 20' x 8' x 6' suspended cloud housed three 'head spaces', each with a unique sensory experience that explored self-reflection, beliefs, and active listening and communication.
Clancy Philbrick_And Other Mistakes_Installation Detail.jpg
Clancy Philbrick_And Other Mistakes_installation detail2.jpg
 The installation invited viewers to check themselves, reimagine their mistakes, align their dreams, and question their individual beliefs and how they communicate those beliefs while adding their own textures to the overall experience.
Clancy Philbrick_And Other MIstakes_participant.JPG
 In conversation with Kusama's popularized  Infinity Mirrors , this space encouraged participants to combat their own demolition, as suggested by Kusama, and instead examine themselves from an external perspective.  
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